Weekly Newsletter #51/2014

Weekly Newsletter #51/2014

An exciting year 2014 is coming to an end. We have seen moderate economic growth, low to no inflation, falling yields, plunging energy and commodity prices, strong investors sentiment and risk appetite in a fairly stable geopolitical environment. Global economies face big challenges in the upcoming year 2015.


We think deflationary pressure will prevent global economies from bringing interest rates back to long-term sustainable levels. We expect increasing geopolitical tensions for countries that depend on revenues from commodities and energy. We see volatility coming back and offer buying opportunities in the next year. At INNOVATIS we are prepared to react flexible and to quickly find the right product solution in changing markets for our clients. We recently launched a new Core Express Note with an attractive coupon, a very low risk profile and excellent track record in our simulations – for details in our product please contact us.


On behalf of Erwin Lasshofer and the whole INNOVATIS team we wish you and your families a pleasant holiday season, a merry Christmas and a prosperous and happy New Year!


Please, note over the Christmas Period our office is closed from 24 December 2014 until 2 January 2015.




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