Fixed Income Bonds

Fixed Income Bonds

We at Innovatis have always had capital protection as our primary aim when investing for our clients. However, just because our clients want security we don’t believe that they shouldn’t also expect market beating returns. Traditionally those seeking capital protection would use Government Bonds, Treasury Notes and other short term debt instruments but with worldwide interest rates at an all-time low the returns on these investments are negligible.


With this in mind we have launched a new fixed income product with a current annualised return of 4%. This product offers an attractive solution to the dilemma faced by corporate treasurers, family offices, and fund managers — whether to hold large sums of cash or to incur risk in short-term investments, a choice which runs counter to conservative cash management.


The Fixed Income Bond is a straightforward short-term, principal-protected note with the following features:


  • One or three Year term note
  • Above market returns
  • Capital guarantee (on selected notes)*
  • Interest paid quarterly
  • Interim redemptions permitted
  • Choice of currencies


*Capital Guarantee provided by a B+ rated Insurance Company (Investment Grade Financial Strength Rating of B+ (Good) and an outlook of ‘Positive’ from A.M. Best).

Euroclear and Clearstream

These Fixed Income Bonds are issued in registered form and are transacted through the global clearing systems of Euroclear and Clearstream allowing for a simplified process of efficient purchase, issuance, distribution, and settlement


These Fixed Income Bonds are quoted through Bloomberg for financial professionals. Each bond is segregated and identified by a separate ISIN and listed on Bloomberg for ease of reference.

Fixed Income Bond Options

For larger institutional investors, “Custom” Fixed Income Bonds may be structured to meet individual investment requirements.
If you are interested in learning more about Fixed Income Bonds please do not hesitate to contact us for further details or alternatively register for access to our member site where full details are available.

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