Asset Management

Long lasting international relationships

Asset Management

Actively managed accounts with an INNOVATIS Product Portfolio.

INNOVATIS provides international long-term experience in asset management, especially for actively managed fixed income securities’ portfolios. Our Team of senior asset managers has extensive international experience and outstanding specialized know-how. The use of high quality and fast information tools enables INNOVATIS to react on any changes in the market nearly in real time.


In addition the products benefit from the knowledge of the managers in identifying local available instruments with high yields. The track record of the past years shows results above the benchmark. A key parameter underlying each investment decision is to preserve the principal capital. It determines the risk level for each of the products. To benefit from the INNOVATIS asset management approach the company is providing various ways of product design.

INNOVATIS Managed Account - Schematic Illustration

Clients managed account are opened with one of the custodian banks of INNOVATIS (Suisse) AG, which gives the client full control and discretionary power on the managed portfolio by INNOVATIS as the authorized account manger.



Key Features of INNOVATIS Managed Accounts

Portfolios under management by INNOVATIS are set up according to the asset management agreement between INNOVATIS and the client defined according to the risk-profit structure as per clients risk-profit profile.


  • Experienced professionals create tailor-made solutions and provide active portfolio management based on constant market observation
  • Unique products and strategies allow to offer a high level of capital protection
  • The structure of the portfolio and the financial products lead to a high level of independence in regard to market developments
  • Total flexibility is granted for the Client with always full control and access to the managed bank account
  • An extended network of partners for financial services allows to take advantage of a wide range of market opportunities,
  • High level of service combined with full transparency concerning portfolio and products
  • Unique characteristics and alignment make it an optimal tool for diversification in regard of total assets