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A smart, lean and fungible access to INNOVATIS Strategy and Products

INNOVATIS (Suisse) AG has developed an investment solution based on an index certificate in cooperation with Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt.


For Managed Certificates a selection of structured products made by INNOVATIS are combined into one unique product. Therefore the client gets diversified access to structured products with small minimum investment. The selected components of this basket are replicated by an Index that is documented in a certificate.


Index certificates can be transferred to any custodian and adjusted already by small amounts. This means that for example even a monthly investment increase is possible. INNOVATIS certificates have an ISIN and daily tradability is guaranteed.


Advantages at a glance


  • active asset management by INNOVATIS
  • access to structured products made by INNOVATIS
  • high liquidity and flexibility
  • small minimum investment

Key Features of INNOVATIS Certificate

  • Every index certificate has a value equal to one time the level of the index, whereas the current level of the index will be reported on a daily basis by Commerbank AG, Frankfurt.


  • The index components are selected by INNOVATIS (Suisse) AG and resemble the INNOVATIS investment strategy. The index only uses products from investment grade rated issuers, which offer an optimal combination of high potential yield, market independence and to some extent protection against losses.


  • The investment is made in equity-linked structured products with short to mid-term maturity, aiming to generate constant returns mostly independent from the market development. Special attention is given to the quality of the issuing entity, the functionality of the product itself and the underlyings of the product.