Our Clients


Our Clients

Institutional Investors

Institutional Investors benefit from our extensive know-how in the area of corporate and investment banking. With our vast network of issuers we can realize individual investment solutions independent from market developments. Our products feature exceptional high standards in quality and protection that generate returns above average in the long run.



Family Offices and Asset Managers

We provide individualized investment ideas to Family Offices and Asset Managers, who are looking for possibilities to expand services for their own clients. INNOVATIS delivers not only investment ideas, but also has the know-how and qualification to realize them supported by our international network.



Qualified Investors and High Net-Worth Individuals

Qualified Investors and High Net-Worth Individuals especially profit from active portfolio and product management. Active management ensures constant product and portfolio optimization: daily monitoring of the investments enables us to react on market changes nearly in real time by buying, selling or even restructuring.