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INNOVATIS (Suisse) AG is focused on asset management and structuring of financial products. The combination of these services as a One-Stop Service Strategy makes INNOVATIS unique on the financial market.

Our most distinctive strengths are innovative financial products structured by INNOVATIS according to the individual needs of the clients. Profound and extensive know-how in the area of corporate and investment banking qualifies INNOVATIS to offer these special services.


INNOVATIS financial products feature a superior risk-return profile combined with high standards in quality and protection. We develop products tailor made to the specific requirements of our clients and optimize product structure in cooperation with international partners and issuers. After a beauty contest we choose the issuer according to “Best Execution Practice”. We attach great importance to transparency on product structure, because we want our clients to understand their product, its development and the idea behind.

Minimum objective is always sustainable value preservation of the invested capital by positive real yields.


INNOVATIS grants speed and flexibility for managed accounts. With tailor-made products INNOVATIS offers individualized investment portfolios. These portfolios are actively managed: daily monitoring of products and underlyings ensures that we are able to react on market changes nearly in realtime and optimize portfolio structure if necessary.


Our goal is to be a long-term service partner for our investors and intermediaries on the international financial market. Therefore enduring relationships take center stage at INNOVATIS. Each single client is supported individually and his requirements are satisfied instantly.


Our vision is to develop our customers’ sense and sensibility: Together with INNOVATIS they feel confident to take part on the fast-paced financial market and profit from it by following own ideas.



Erwin Lasshofer founded INNOVATIS (Suisse) AG in 2011 . With this company he created a business infrastructure that provides for each client’s needs tailor-made portfolios operating under a framework of internal and external controls.


As Member of the Board of INNOVATIS (Suisse) AG Erwin Lasshofer determines the company’s course and implemented the idea of a ONE-STOP Service-Center. He has over twenty years of management experience in the financial world and is the heart of the investment team.


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Our Focus

Reliability and Stability are fundamental elements of INNOVATIS philosophy. We follow clear investment rules and provide comprehensible, transparent investment decisions benefitting from market opportunities in a sustainable way.


INNOVATIS (Suisse) AG provides profound and extensive know how in the area of corporate and investment banking. Long-term experience in asset management, especially for actively managed fixed income securities’ portfolios, makes us reliable and trusted partner for our clients’ financial future.


Our high service standards are supported by a large network of dedicated business professionals including banks, insurance companies, financiers, lawyers, private investors and service providers. Together with our independent contractors we strive for innovation and constant development to react on market changes and to stay at the forefront.


Several separate legal INNOVATIS entities provide high quality services in its key business areas including also a consulting company serving INNOVATIS (Suisse) AG in the area of research, marketing and IT on an efficient basis.

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Our team of experts provides asset management for qualified and institutional investors. As an investment boutique we are offering individual Asset Management for our clients and partners. Our specialization on the secondary market and our products structured by own ideas make us unique on the financial market.
We give careful attention to maintain our relationships to our clients as well as to our business partners.

So we are looking for individuals who are not only experts in their business fields, but provide also an extraordinary social competence.

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