Today Erwin Lasshofer would like to introduce the new Senior Relationship Manager of INNOVATIS (Suisse) AG, Pavels Klimenko, to you. He was born in Riga in 1977, has two children and has been living in Switzerland for two years.


Mr. Klimenko studied economics at Freie University of Berlin. He worked as Private Banker with Latvian banks in Latvia and Germany. He was responsible for advise and support of companies and private persons on private banking level, asset management and financing. Mr. Klimenko has a focus on High-net-worth individuals from Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). He is familiar with the needs of these clients, based on their regional features, and mentality. He is Russian native speaker and fluent in Latvian, German and English.


Mr. Klimenko says: “My activity by INNOVATIS (Suisse) AG I am considering as a great possibility for providing clients with innovative and unique products in Eastern Europe. The best way to win the long-term loyalty of a client is to present distinct investment strategy based on client’s needs.”


Erwin Lasshofer is delighted to welcome Mr. Klimenko in the INNOVATIS team, he wishes him a great start and is looking forward to working with him on the expansion of INNOVATIS.


Contact details Senior Relationship Manager

Mr. Pavels Klimenko
Nueschelerstrasse 30
8001 Zurich

E: p.klimenko@innovatis-suisse.com

T: +41 44 215 30 70

F: +41 44 215 30 61

M: +41 77 474 11 03







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