An Interview with Erwin Lasshofer

An Interview with Erwin Lasshofer

Which products and services offers INNOVATIS?


Erwin Lasshofer: The core business represents Asset Management. INNOVATIS cooperates with numerous reputable Custodian Banks. With INNOVATIS as accredited representative of the Custodian Banks the investor benefits from a customer-oriented account opening process. Moreover the investor takes advantage of special terms and conditions negotiated between INNOVATIS and the Custodian Banks. Further benefits are complete independence from banks, periodic reporting, transparency and flexibility and persisting discretionary power for the investor.


Does INNOVATIS offer an alternative to the Asset Management, whereby the investor does not have to change the banking relationship?


Erwin Lasshofer: Yes, through the Asset Advisory Mandate! Hereby the client not necessarily has to change the banking relationship. Investors may choose between different types of advisory service as well as between different ways of remuneration for INNOVATIS. One model foresees payment of performance fees only on the outperformance.


Which strategy thereby INNOVATIS follows?


Erwin Lasshofer: It is the objective to achieve an above average yield irrespective of the market conditions with a high level of security matching with the investor’s risk profile. For that matter mainly specially structured securities are used. Depending on the client’s requirements either a buy-and-hold strategy or an active management of the account (trading) is pursued.


You are mentioning the structuring of securities? What do you mean by that and what are the advantages?


Erwin Lasshofer: A broad range from Plain Vanillas to more complex structured products are designed by INNOVATIS. Thereby a multitude of well-known banks as issuers are at our disposal. We focus on a fast service. The structuring of a new security usually takes no longer than a business day. Further pros are that we can work on requests for sizes already starting from US$/EUR/CHF 100’000.00 for new issues. We are competitive also on pricing through order placement on a best execution practice only.


May an investor benefit also from already issued securities?


Erwin Lasshofer: We do have a range of above 200 securities currently trading. A specially developed software provides alerts for trading and top ups in order to benefit from volatilities and market conditions. Top ups are possible also in small quantities.


Do you offer a product, which I can purchase also in small quantities into my current portfolio at my bank and where fees are transparent and not too high?


Erwin Lasshofer: Yes, absolutely: Certificates, issued by a bank and managed by INNOVATIS. We cooperate with different banks as issuers and can offer certificates in different currencies and with different risk profiles. Among other things we can offer a three times leverage of the capital invested. The underlying bank instruments structured by INNOVATIS particularly for the certificates provide a high level of security. The certificates are daily tradable and may become purchased also in small sizes. A further feature is the lean and transparent fee structure, particularly in comparison to Investment Funds. For large scale investors tailor made certificates can become developed.


Do you offer a product combined with an insurance cover?


Erwin Lasshofer: Yes, we cooperate with a reputable and major Insurance Company. The client benefits from the insurance policy as well as from a professional Asset Management, all provided by one product. The minimum size is only US$/EUR/CHF 100’000.00. The insurance company holds on behalf of the client a segregated account, which means that the funds invested will not become mingled with other investors’ funds, which furthermore allows a periodic reporting on the account. There is a simplified due diligence process. It is important to know that the insurance company does not have to declare the beneficial owner towards the Custodian Bank.


Do you have a solution for the zero- or even negative interest policy of the central banks?


Erwin Lasshofer: We do have in our range of products a fixed income bond with a short term and above market returns, designed mainly for institutional investors. The security is available with or without capital guarantee issued by an Insurance Company. For institutional investors also tailor made solutions can become structured. In particular the bonds without capital guarantee by the Insurance Company can become used for different purposes and it might be an interesting tool for Asset Manager and Investment Funds.


Are there any other products and services offered by INNOVATIS?


Erwin Lasshofer: Clients often show an interest in real estates. We offer the possibility to participate in real estate projects and developments mainly in Austria. We focus on recognizable and experienced partners. Projects selected by experts and not available to the public are chosen with the aim of providing high return along with a high level of security. A participation is possible direct at the project or via a SPV.


And as a registered Consultant we develop creative solutions to clients’ needs in the financial area. A vast network of banks, insurance companies, trustees, accountants and lawyers had been built within the last decades. A client may choose between a flat rate or hourly rates according the General Terms and Conditions.


Do you have an interest in Agents as well?


Erwin Lasshofer: Yes. Interested Persons are invited to apply by sending their Curriculum Vitae.


How can an interested party get more detailed information on the products and services?


Erwin Lasshofer: First via our web-sites and If there is an interest in a product or service a request should be send to Upon receipt we will reply with more detailed information.

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