designed to address your unique requirements

INNOVATIS Fixed Income Products

Tailor-made products with attractive yield and return

INNOVATIS Fixed Income solutions feature a superior risk-return profile combined with high standards in quality and protection. We take advantage of the current market environment and transform market opinions into unique products.


A wide choice of issuers ensures a best execution policy. After developing the design of the products we optimize the structure in cooperation with the contracting partners in our network. Then issuers compete for the best price at given parameters.


Advantages at a glance

  • full range of maturity
  • top grade ratings
  • attractive returns
  • Tailor-made cash flow

Key Features of INNOVATIS Fixed Income Products

Unique fixed income products

  • Tailored products meet individual requirements and demands
  • Perfect tool to transform a market opinion into a product
  • Wide range of different products
  • Choosing from different currencies for the denomination of the product
  • Products with capital guarantee also at low interest levels


Attractive yield and return:

  • Taking advantage of current market environment and possibilities in financial engineering


Look beyond the own backyard:

  • Especially in periods of low interest rates it is needed to consider alternative options with similar risk profiles.


Wide choice of different issuers:

  • Over 25 issuing institutions with investment grade rating to choose from.


Active trading by experienced professionals:

  • Active management in the form of managed accounts is required to benefit from short term opportunities on the market and generate a notable profit.